Campaign rules

The first two months – 50% campaign rules

From March 1 – 31, new Customers who have signed an open-ended contract will have a 50% discount in Järve Panila.



Panila OÜ has the right to terminate/extend the campaign and/or change its terms and conditions before the end of the campaign by notifying thereof on its website.

Additional information about the campaign can be obtained from the customer service phone at +372 53033323 and by sending an e-mail to

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Unit size
If necessary, you can also change the size of the booked self-storage later (if suitable rooms are available).

Contract type
TERMLESS CONTRACT - If you do not know exactly how long you will need a self-storage, it is worth entering into an termless contract. The contract can be terminated by notifying us of your wish 1 month in advance. FIXED TERM CONTRACT - If you need space for a longer period (starting from 1 year), we recommend entering into a fixed-term contract. A fixed-term contract shall expire upon the expiry of the term of the contract.

Järve Panila

Pärnu mnt 139e/3

Kristiine Panila

Mureli 3a

Õismäe Panila

Ehitajate tee 114a

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